BREAKING NEWS: One Laptop per Child


AMADIS is an online environment that enables computer trainers to communicate with their students and for members of communities to reach out to each other. Amadis also fosters communication between communities. Amadis is based on open source software and is developed and maintained by the Federal University of RS State in Brazil.

Amadis is a virtual environment that contains numerous tools that mimic the way people really think. Specifically it is designed as an open space with amny tools for authorship. Amadis users are encouraged to author their own documents, to create.

Amadis is specifically developed to be used with older, refurbished machines. One of its principle goals is to foster online communication across class lines, so that people can meet and communicate online that might never otherwise interact with each other.

Understanding the object for 3D modeling
Using the computer to create the model
The 3D model on the computer