Pensamento Digital works with community centers all over Brazil. Featured here are two communities they work with in São Paolo.


The Sede Pankararu is the center for the community of Pankararu Indians that moved to São Paolo over fifty years ago. The Pankararu work hard to maintain their traditions
while preparing their youth for work in a modern, highly urban, environment.

The website below describes the yearly jouneys the Pankararu of São Paolo take back to their homeland of Pernambuco and their struggles to maintain their identity and make a living in São Paolo: (in Portuguese)

And the website below describes a film being made about the Pankararu by Joao Claudio de Sena:
(in Portuguese)

View a Pensamento Digital Video Clip about the Pankararu Community: CLICK HERE


Paraisópolis is the second largest squatter settlement in São Paolo and home to 15,000 households. It occupies an area abandoned by land developers due to its lack of infrastructure and rough topography. The leaders of Paraisópolis are working hard on making improvements to the area, including upgrading the water supply, sewage systems, electricity, security, in- and outdoor environmental improvements, and the creation of community leisure and open areas. The community center offers vocational training, training in English as a foreign language, and computer skills training.

Read a BBC News report about Paraisópolis: (in English)

View a Pensamento Digital Video Clip about Paraisópolis: CLICK HERE